Saturday, November 17, 2007

Stephanie Perry Moore Bio

Stephanie Perry Moore is a christian fiction author that has written several series of books for children and teenagers. Some of the series that she has written are the Payton Skyy series, the Laurel Shadrach series and, the series we are studying, the Carmen Browne series. Each of the series are focused of seperate age groups. The Carmen Browne series is focused on the preteen age group.

Stephanie Perry Moore is from the southern region of the country. She was born in Charleston, South Carolina, but was raised in Virginia. Her upper education was received in Alabama. Stephanie currently lives in Georgia with her husband and two children. Her husband just happens to be Derrick Moore, a former NFL player.

Stephanie started writing as a child. She used to write television episodes for the Cosby Show. None of them were ever sent to Bill Cosby, but it fostered her love for writing. As a christian, she found herself looking for christian books that she could identify with culturally. She didn't find any and that was her motivation to become a christian writer. She felt that it was necessary to identify with the characters that you are reading about.

Stephanie didn't find her journey to be very easy. It took her seven years to get published. Many publishers didn't find it very appealing to promote youth christian fiction. Once she broke into the business, things flourished from there. She has 14 titles in print. In addition to the youth books, she has two adult books, Flame and A Lova' Like No Otha'. She has a website,


Neicey said...

i luv her books they relate to me in so many different levels i want her to keep doing her christian thing because i know its touching alot of youth like me luv ya steph

Mr.B said...

These books are just amazing! I read each and every one in the series and now I'm waiting on #4, Prayed Up!!! It helped me thru n I hope other people realize that it's not e-z walkin this walk, but with books like theze, it makes it seem a little better!!!!

Keep it up Ms. Moore!!!!