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Biography of Mary Pope Osborne

Mary Pope Osborne is the creator/writer of Magic Tree house, Magic Tree House Merlin Missions, Magic Tree House Research Guides, Spider Kane Mysteries, Tales from the Odyssey and many other independent books. This popular author of the the Magic Tree House series, Mary Pope Osborne’s life is quite an adventure just like her books. By the age of fifteen she had moved seven times due to her father's military career. "Moving was never traumatic for me, but staying in one place was" said Osborne in regards to her constant moving as a child. She enjoyed moving and learning about new places. For her each move was an adventure that took her into another world. Osborne describes her childhood as being rich due to her imagination. Her and brothers would spend hours playing make believe games using their imagination. This attachment to imagination and creativity isn't something Osborne gained as an adult and children’s author rather something that developed in her as a child.

After graduating from college Osborne decided to do what she loved, travel. She spend some times living in a cave in Crete followed by her extensive travel to about 11 Asian countries. Her trip came to a sudden stop when she nearly lost her life in Katmandu. Osborne was hospitalized due to blood poising and returned to America after some treatment. After recovering from this unfortunate illness Osborne continued her journey and began experimenting with different careers. She's worked as a waitress, window dresser, medical assistant, travel consultant, bartender, acting teacher, and an editor for children's magazine. In between her career search Osborne met and married Will Osborne. The couple moved to New York City but Mary was still unsure about her career path in life. She didn’t know what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. It wasn't until one day while writing in her journal she began to write a story about a young girl in the South much like herself as a child. She began formulating an exciting story that later became her first novel called Run, Run Fast as You Can. From the day she began writing that story she’s never stopped. Writing that novel led her to realized that what she wanted to for the rest of her life was become a children’s author.

Mary Pope Osborne is one of the most popular children’s writers of our time. She explained at a conference that she had planned to write only about four books to the Magic Tree House series but when children wrote her letters asking for her to write more books and suggesting ideas for her future books she was overcome with happiness and continued her series. Today the Magic Tree House series has over
30 books. In all Osborne has written about 80 books in the past 24 years as an author.

Osborne believes in encouraging children’s creativity and imagination. She is dedicated to keeping her books such that they spark imagination amongst children. This is why her and her husband refuse to turn this series into a television show or movies. They believe Osborne’s books are a means of taking children on imaginary worlds. Using their creativity they’ve created a Magic Tree House musical which continues to spark children’s imagination and is a creative addition to the Magic Tree House family.

Osborne’s success came mostly from the Magic Tree House series but she feels she enjoyed writing the Spider Kane mysteries the most. In an attempt to overcome her fear of spiders Osborne began to research the insect and found herself standing in the middle of an idea for another series. She says she enjoyed working on these books a lot because they take you into the lives of insects who are as human as you and I are.

Her biggest support in her adventures is her husband and partner Will Osborne. She gets inspiration from everything around her. Before drafting her stories each new topic is researched intensely.
Osborne claims that about 70% of her efforts go into research and writing is only about 30%. Her love for adventures, imagination and writing helps her continue her journey as an author and contributes new ideas for new books.

For more information about Mary Pope Osborne Visit her
website. For additional information about how Osborne writes you can view this short clip and learn how she spends her days writing and researching. The internet has alot of information about this talanted writer including biographies, interviews, videos, etc...

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